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Original Drawing Reverse Ghost Shark

Original Drawing Reverse Ghost Shark


Original drawing made with pen and marker, on 8.5x11" paper.

Only one available.

SWIPE THROUGH to see today’s daily drawing which is a snapshot of a very strange occurrence in occult history.  In the early 1990’s, a small Chinese shipping vessel sank in Indian Ocean.   Ostensibly, the ship was transporting electronics.  In reality, it was also smuggling stolen antiques and artifacts.  One of those items was a preserved, dismembered hand from a sorceror that was executed in the early 1500’s.  Now, it’s is common knowledge that any magic-practicing person who is executed shall imbue his or her soul onto the golden artifact they wear, but this point wasn’t properly researched until recently.  So, ignorant of the consequences of wearing multiple items, it is clear this Chinese sorcerer was adorned with several pieces of ornate jewelry at the time of his execution, fracturing his soul across the many accessories, including the ring in this jar.  Now, if one of these items were subject to intense agitation— a boat crash for instance— the result would be an involuntary attempted reattachment to a physical form.  Adrift among the flotsam and cargo, the ring attempted to bond to the closest organic material available, in this case, a shark carcass.  Now, it is thought because the soul was only a fragment, and the organic matter was from a deceased being, the re-animation process went askew and was completed using any matter within the proximity.  Fortunately, cell phones in this time period were bulky enough top provide enough physical material for a corporeal form.  The resulting amalgamation of all these unlikely events was a floating jar with a severed ring-adorned hand that was spectrally linked to a ectoplasmic, reverse echo of a diseased great white shark loosely bound to the physical plane by bulky, counterfeit cellular phones.

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